Froggy´s 1st Jump

Jonathan Coxhead
with help from Randall, Howard, Bruce, Alan and Thames Valley Morris

Tradition: Ducklington.

Longways for as many as will, with sticks.

2 double steps, 2 single steps, 2 forry capers. A Ducklington forry takes off from the L foot, lands on the R, and stays on the R for the little hoppy thing. Every ½ of every figure starts on the L foot. There is a dramatic ``snatch´´ in Ducklington handkerchief dances on beat 4 of the phrase preceding a forry, and though this is a stick dance, it shares the movement.

Strike on the ends of ½-figures (the last beat).

Sequence: Foot up-and-down, chorus, cross over, chorus, baskets, chorus, ½-rounds, chorus.

Foot up-and-down: 2 double steps up, 2 forries to turn out, 2 double steps down, 2 forries to turn out (all the way round, plus a bit).

Cross over: cross with partner R in 1 double step, take 1 more double step finishing facing R, take 2 forries finishing in your partner´s place in line; repeat home.

Baskets: Crossing sticks low (backhand) with partner, do a whole gyp back to place in 2 double steps (facing out), then 2 forries to turn back L to face; repeat (same side).

&Frac12;-rounds: Easy turn to start, 2 double steps around, 2 forries to turn out, 2 double steps back, 2 forries to turn out again. There´s no clash ½-way.

Chorus: Bar 1 on beats 1, 2 & 3: two forehand taps diagonally L, one backhand to partner. Bar 2 two backhand taps diagonally R, one forehand to partner. Bar 3 on beats 1--4: two forehand taps diagonally L, backhand & forehand to partner. Bar 4 on beats 1, 2 & 3: two backhand R, one forehand to partner. Bars 5--8 swagger/march with 4 slow exaggerated steps across the set, passing partner R; loop L, turning and continuing to move in a loop on the first forry, getting back in line on second forry, and a partner clash. Repeat back to place.

The dance ends out of a chorus facing up with sticks crossed.

Tune: Froggy´s 1st Jump.