Speed the Plough

Randall Cayford, copyedited and mistakes introduced by Jonathan Coxhead

Tradition: Bampton.

Set of 4 with handkerchiefs.

Single stepped. 4 single steps, 2 back, forry caper. A Bampton forry takes off from the L foot, lands on the R, and stays on the R for the little hoppy thing.

Hands come down on beat 1 of each measure (up on 4), held together in front when not in use. When taking 2 steps back, hands swing low to make a kind of reverse swagger.

Sequence: Foot up-and-down, chorus, half gyp, chorus, whole gyp, chorus, diagonal hey, chorus.

Foot up-and-down: 4 steps up, 2 back, forry caper, repeat.

Half gyp and whole gyp: same stepping. Pass partner R for first half (swaggering back to place), then turn to face neighbour and pass neighbour L for the second.

Diagonal hey: A whole hey for 4 along the diagonal between 1 4. All start with a L side step, 2 3 turning 1/4 turn to the R at the start to pass R, 2 with 1, 3 with 4. Note this is a much larger side step for 2 3 than for 1 4. Continue with a R side step, 1 4 passing L in the middle of the set, 2 3 turning over their R shoulder to face back along the diagonal. Continue with 2 single steps and a scoop and caper, passing R shoulders on the single steps with the person facing you. 1 4 turn over their R shoulders to face in, 2 3 advance on the scoop and caper to end the caper in the middle side by side with L shoulders almost touching. Important: 2 3 must end the caper very slightly past each other so as to be able to pass back to back on the next side step. Continue with the 2nd half of the hey in the same way except 2 3 have to get back to place on the single steps and turn R on the scoop and caper to face back into the set.

Chorus: 1 3 pass face to face with a L side step, then do a R side step in cornerīs postion facing out. There is a big sweeping show on the first side step. Meanwhile, 2 4 do a small L side step in place, then cross back to back with a R side step (with sweeping show) to end in cornerīs position facing out. All turn R 1 1/4 turns in place with 2 forry capers into half-rounds clockwise back to place. Repeat side step crossings except turn L on the forry capers and half round counter-clockwise back to place.

Dance ends with all in on the scoop and caper at the end of the last chorus.

Music: Speed the Plough. The ultimate English traditional tune.