Beaux of London City (``Shooting´´)

Jonathan Coxhead

Tradition: Adderbury.

Set of 6 with sticks.

Single step. Each half of each figure is in 3 groups of 3 single steps and 3 capers: for example, in the foot up-and-up, you take 3 single steps forward (up), 3 on the spot, 3 back to place, 3 capers, and repeat. (This change of speed should be emphasised.) Stepping is brisk and lively, but not exaggerated. Both halves of each figure start R footed.

Sticks are held vertically at arm´s length in front of you. In the 3-caper sequences, on the 1st caper, the stick swings down. On the 2nd, it swings up, and on the 3rd, partners clash.

Sequence: Foot up-and-up; clashing chorus; into line; shoot-corner chorus; tops down; shoot-the-sky chorus; bottoms up; clashing chorus; hands around; shoot-corner chorus; hey; shoot-the-sky chorus ending all up.

Foot up-and-up: 3 steps up (R hop L hop R hop), 3 on the spot, 3 back, caper, caper, caper; repeat.

Into line: 3 steps to form a line down the centre of the set, meeting your partner R, 3 on the spot, 3 back to place, 3 capers; repeat meeting L.

Tops down: 1 2 take 3 steps down the centre of the set, 3 on the spot, 3 back to place, 3 capers; 1 2 3 4 do the same.

Bottoms up: Like tops down, but 5 6 dance up the set in the first half, 3 4 5 6 in the second.

Hands around: (Change hands with your stick---this takes no time.) Taking R hands with partner, dance a ``half turn´´, into your partner´s place, in 3 single steps. 3 single steps in place, 3 to pull by your partner R (change stick back to R hand now), and 3 capers at home again. Repeat L.

Hey: An Adderbury hey is parallel. 1 2 start by passing by 3 4 (respectively) R. 5 6 hang back a bit. Then 1 2 pass by 5 6 L as 3 4 turn R at the top, then 3 4 pass 5 6 (resp) R. This takes about 6 steps and is a half-hey. Wait in your new place to do 3 capers and then do the other half---this time, 1 2 start going up, 3 4 going down (oo-er, missus), and passing L to start. Always turning the easy way into the hey. (Many local teams don´t stop halfway to clash, but I learned it that way, and hopefully, I´m not alone!)

The clashing chorus is: 1 6 take 2 steps towards each other and clash; 2 5 do the same (1 6 retiring); 3 4 the same; all do 3 capers and clash with partner. Then repeated.

For a shoot-corner chorus, instead of clashing with your corner, you put your butt against your shoulder (if you are anatomically capable of that) and say ``bang´´ (optional)---you still do 3 capers and clash with your partner. A shoot-the-sky chorus is the same except that you aim upwards instead of at your corner.

Jokes about postal workers, schoolchildren, etc, should probably be avoided as being in poor taste. But then again ...

The tune is in the book. If you can´t remember it, think, ``Fat Rumanian women, fat Rumanian men, fat Rumanian women, with a big hairy mole on the chin´´.